The Squid Craft Games 2 sweep the networks

Thousands of users follow the Squid Craft Games 2

He Squid Game is a South Korean television series produced by Netflix, where 456 contestants play childish games to win a grand cash prize, but whose price to pay, if eliminated, would be their own death. This show, where the worst qualities of the human being are exposed in critical situations, in which his life is at stake, captured the attention of millions of people around the world.

Given its great popularity, the content creators decided to create a tournament in the Minecraft video game, to replicate the scenarios of the series, as far as possible. This competition was followed on networks, causing great expectations after announcing a second edition, titled Squid Craft Games 2.

Currently, they are going for the third day, and there are many fewer participants left, so the following Minigames will be even more exciting for viewers, who are waiting to see the future winnerwho takes the recognition and the €100,000 in Game. It should be noted that the main streamers who continue to participate, get an average of 5 million in each direct, demonstrating why it is the most commented on networks at the moment.