Thu. Jul 18th, 2019

The spy of Hollywood in freedom

The spy of Hollywood in freedom

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After spending fifteen years of his life in a recondite federal prison in Los Angeles, the private eye of the guts of Hollywood caresses the warm and stimulating wind of freedom. Recurrent nightmare of the movie stars, curious above their possibilities, witness and involuntary collaborator of the prosecutors, expert in working the art of listening, Anthony Pellicano has had the luck of turning years -75 to be exact-on the same day in which it is definitively dismissed from the iron bars that had been closing its will since 2003.

During his more than twenty years of career, His names included the names of Courtney Love, Michael Jackson, Elisabeth Taylor and Sylvester Stallone, who suffered the telephone intrusion of this detective. of unorthodox methods that used to drive around the city with a baseball bat in his trunk and that the "New York Times" hired in 1979 to determine whether or not the voice on a recording they had intercepted belonged to the former Shah of Iran.

With the halo of the mafia hovering over its head for possible connections, the attainment of threats against journalists and the unfinished possibility of having the body of a murdered producer buried in the desert, in 2002 his career as a researcher begins to falter considerably and begins to trufarse a series of gruesome episodes that lead to a final conviction for more than seventy charges among which were the blackmail, fraud and illegal listening.

The truth always turned out to be an ambiguous terrain for the researcher in which he moved with some discomfort, as pointed out by the episode that Neville Johnson recalls for the "New York Times", one of the lawyers who represented the plaintiffs in several cases against Pellicano. Apparently, while the fraudulent investigator sat in the prison cafeteria in his prison uniform, the court reporter instructed him to raise his right hand and asked if he had sworn to tell the truth. The answer was pronounced without hesitation: "No". Nothing coherent can be expected from someone who spoke in third person about herself during the trials. Without doubt, it seems that the "celebrities" are going to have to change the phone.


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