July 24, 2021

The Sport newspaper places the Canary Islands outside of Spain – La Provincia

The Sport newspaper places the Canary Islands outside of Spain - La Provincia

A new geographical error which places Canary Islands in one place on the map – in this political case – has caused outrage in the social networks. "The Spanish national team -that yesterday returned to Spain-", this is how an article in the Catalan newspaper Sport began last Tuesday, October 2, in which they reported the return to the peninsular territory of the Women's Basketball Team, which won the medal of bronze in the World Cup that took place in Tenerife.

The information, which does not speak of the Island in the text, if it indicates that it was played in Tenerife in the caption: "The women's team returned yesterday from Tenerife with its World Cup bronze"

This has generated a discomfort and indignation in social networks.

The best Women's Basketball World Cup in history

The president of the Spanish Basketball Federation, Jorge Garbajosa, the Secretary of State for Sport, María José Rienda, the coach Lucas Mondelo and the captain Laia Palau They closed with a toast yesterday as soon as they arrived in Madrid, which they consider "the best Women's Basketball World Cup in history". The Spanish women's basketball team, which has just won the bronze medal in the World Cup that was held in Tenerife, is the only team in the world that has risen to the podium of the champions in the last six years. Said well and after winning two gold medals in the Europeans of 2013 and 2017, two silver in the 2014 World Cup and the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games and two bronze medals in the 2015 European and now in the 2018 World Cup , the last award may seem minor and nothing further from reality.

He third place conquered by Spain in 'his' World has a huge merit given the circumstances and vicissitudes that have had to pass the team. To start and as the coach, Lucas Mondelo, say, the team played without Pau Gasol. That is, without Sancho Lyttle with a serious knee injury. Afterwards, the team had to solve minor injuries of vital players on the road that prevented them from having a normal performance in them. Therefore, the victory against Japan, the first day of the championship, and, above all, against Canada in the quarterfinals were an example of the spirit of the champion of this group that fought against rivals and circumstances. Already in the semifinals the team fought against Australia, but without success, and rounded off their success by beating Belgium.


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