July 29, 2021

The spelling is the thermometer | Society

The spelling is the thermometer | Society

Who has a problem of orthography he does not suffer only that problem. Errors with punctuation or letters are always associated with poor syntactic expression and poor vocabulary. Spelling is the mercury used to signal fever. The hache and tildes may be abolished, as García Márquez proposed, but not by breaking the thermometer the temperature will drop.

People accustomed to reading good books and good newspapers do not usually commit mistakes when they write, because their unconscious memory has been storing the exact words and has deduced the grammatical relations they maintain with each other. And when they need them to express an idea, they will sprout almost effortlessly.

Faced with this, involuntary faults arise in those who did not want or could not receive a quality education and have not enriched their thought with the careful readings that always lead to careful reflections.

Today we go to the public square more with the written word than with the oral expression. We write WhatsApp messages, mail, write on Twitter … And we walk through that street of crowds dressed only with our spelling and our syntax. Thus we show ourselves to others, that an opinion on the matter will be formed in the same way that a general impression is established before the person who always carries lamparones in the suit.

In short, the spelling is above all a sign.

It is assumed that those who write correctly have read and have incorporated into their thinking a grammatical structure that allows them to better organize ideas and analyze with more competence both what they hear and what they think. Good spelling also helps to relate some words with others (and also to distinguish some concepts from others).

On the contrary, it can be assumed that those who commit misspellings do not have these tools; that perhaps he enjoys less capacity for argumentation and seduction, and that he is probably, for all that, a more manipulable person.


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