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The spell of the word

The almost simultaneous publication of Horizontal vertigo and of Two forms of rain invites you to return to the whole of Juan Villoro's work and its projection into contemporary Mexican literature. Born in Mexico City in 1956, the son of Barcelona philosopher Luis Villoro, he was educated at the German school Alexander von Humboldt ("at six he knew how to read and write only in German"). From 1995 to 1998 he was director of the Mexican cultural supplement The day . He has been a visiting professor at the universities of Yale, Boston, Princeton and Pompeu Fabra, where I have witnessed the fascination of his students of the Master of Literary Creation for the spell of his word, the clarity of his word, the ingenuity and his knowledge of the intricacies of creation. He has cultivated the most diverse genera. I have been especially interested in novels Argon shot (1991) and, with some objection, The witness , prize Herralde de Novela 2004; the stories of The house loses (2012); the chronic Quick breeze palm trees (1989); the sports chronicle God is round (2006) – “a crack of football literature”: Sergi Pàmies–; or the critique book Personal effects (2000).

A trajectory that now illuminates the texts of Horizontal vertigo , with a prologue as brief as nondescript of the prestigious Argentine anthropologist and critic Néstor García Canclini. If for many years, from the generation of 98, the theme of Spain has been dominant in our country, the same has happened with the Mexican identity from Samuel Ramos onwards, to reach Carlos Monsiváis and, now, to Juan Villoro . Mexico and especially Mexico City, which should interest Mexican readers above all, but also the reader in general, for the amenity of the story and the richness of the content. And there is no lack of critical observations. Thus, when talking about coffees, the Sanborns of the Casa de los Azulejos stands out. "Sanborns coffee is bad, but it tastes worse if we know the trajectory of the owner," Carlos Slim. We go through the most notable places, which are part of the experiences of Villoro himself, as one of the most interesting aspects are the autobiographical references: “For about twenty years I have written about Mexico City, mixing the chronicle with the essay and the personal memory ”. As it is, indirectly, the tribute to Ángel Fernández, “top chronicler of Mexican soccer”, “great oral narrator”; or when he talks about his father, with "the rhetorical skill of someone who has won public speaking competitions and has become a professor of celebrated public speaking." Finally, we must highlight the presence of numerous authors with whom he identifies, especially poets.

There is no lack of criticism: "Sansborns coffee is very bad, but it tastes worse if we know the trajectory of the owner"

Interesting within the whole of his work, it is

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