Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

The spectacular giant statue of Cristiano Ronaldo who starred in the Viareggio carnival in Italy

This is one of the most important in the Italian country and in Europe

Carnival is coming and with it, its parades. In Italy they are already being celebrated and one of them has seen a spectacular float with giant Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese star has won the hearts of the Italians, and not only for his great performance on the pitch with the Juventus of Turin, but also for his charisma. The organizers of the Viareggio carnival in Italy made an iron giant to which they placed the face of the former Real Madrid player.

This float was the center of attention of the carnival goers, who marveled to see the figure. This carnival is considered one of the most important in Italy and Europe, lasting practically throughout the month of February and attended by more than half a million people a year. Other floats saw important people from politics, culture and entertainment, with satire and irony, such as Donald Trump or Frida Kahlo.


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