The spectacular fall of María Patiño with which social networks burn

An archive image of the Galician presenter María Patiño.

An archive image of the Galician presenter María Patiño.

The host Maria Patiño has suffered a small incident that has not gone unnoticed in the social networks when I was recording the program 'Socialité'. The Galician journalist was in the middle of filming with her team to explain how she is training her dog, when after stumbling and bending her ankle it fell awkwardly to the ground. The cameras that followed Patiño did not miss details of the abrupt accident.

The presenter of Telecinco He was walking down a street walking his three-month-old pet, when after accelerating his pace a little, he stepped on his left foot and suffered a sprained ankle He killed the journalist on the floor.

María Patiño's reaction was most spontaneous: "Oh, I've fallen. Have you recorded it? But listen to me, you can't get this out eh." Her colleagues ignored the journalist's words and the video has spread to social networks. After the fall, Patiño asks one of his collaborators for help to get up and offers him the hand in which he carries the pet's feces in a bag.

The images have caused a furor on social networks, which They have been filled with funny memes and messages in which Internet users comment on the unfortunate incident of the 'Save me' collaborator.


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