The spectacular change of profession of Guille de 'Los Serrano'

We all know the face of Victor Elijah, although many do not know that this is his real name. And it is that from a young age he sneaked into the homes of thousands of Spaniards by participating in one of the most watched series of the moment 'The Serrano '. We all knew them with Guille, the son of Antonio Resines in television fiction. Well, the once actor has changed his profession. Now he is a musician. Specifically, he is a keyboard player and accompanies some of the best-known artists and groups on the Spanish music scene such as Pablo Lopez, Dani Fernández, Álvaro de Luna or the group Stool.

In this post you have posted this week on your Instagram, the musician is very grateful to the band Stool for allowing him to share moments on stage with them:

In this video, he shows his followers one of his musical creations:

In addition, "Guille" has also made the news for his reunion with the actress Natalia Sanchez, who played "Teté"in the series that launched them both to fame.

The Serrano It was a series that aired on Telecinco between 2003 and 2008. At that time it was a television phenomenon. The fiction told the story of the family of Diego Serrano (played by Antonio Resines) and his three sons Marcos, Guille and Curro (played by Fran Pérez, Víctor Elías and Jorge García) and how his life changed when he shared a house with Lucía's family (Belén Rueda), who had two daughters Eva and Teté (Verónica Sánchez and Natalia Sánchez) and the problems that living together caused.


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