Sat. Nov 16th, 2019

The spectacular change of Íñigo, first contestant of ‘Big Brother’

Big Brother
the reality TV and the origin of the realities in TV. The first social experiment carried out inside a house with anonymous participants who knew nothing about each other and had to live together for three months. Telecinco opted for this long program and featured Mercedes Milá as its star presenter. Ismael Beiro was the first winner, but there were other contestants who also made the spectators have a good time. Íñigo González It was one of them.

And now, we have been able to know the change so much physical how personal that he has had since his participation in
19 years ago.

After becoming one of the most beloved contestants of Big brotheror, Íñigo tried to be a journalist, paid 4,000 euros in a Master in Communication Management who later did not help him and ended up studying English Philology. After giving many "blows", he finished as teacher of a language school in Granada and he feels “absolutely happy”.

“I have a schedule where I can do other things and I don't have any symptoms of stress, even though sometimes they want to put me in my way,” he explains in a Mediaset Outdoor interview. Because de television "makes no sense" livedr. For him, "many of those who are living on crumbs."

Íñigo, one of the first contestants of 'Big Brother', today

Íñigo, one of the first contestants of 'Big Brother', today

In fact, Íñigo recounts that he wanted to “live on TV, but because they filled my head with things I could do and earn. He was ceasing to be a person, to have the personality of a stretcher table, he was a vulnerable being who swallowed everything they put and said. They cheated me a lot and took from me everything they thought they could get. So many things were lost from me, that now these things are enjoyed by my family, my friends and my students. I don't need TV or anyone else. ”

And do not hesitate to comment on some professionals of the realities how Sofía Suescun, of which she claims to be "a cheap copy of Ylenia."

As for the Íñigo physicist, the change is spectacular. The former contestant of Big Brother 1
has lost 20 kilos "drinking many glasses of hot water and stop eating." However, he regained some weight and although he is somewhat more "chubby" he feels "very happy like that".

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