The specific ERTEs for those affected by the La Palma volcano already cover 65 companies and more than 500 workers

A street full of ash in Santa Cruz de La Palma, in an image of desolation.  |  |  ARTURO RODRÍGUEZ

A street full of ash in Santa Cruz de La Palma, in an image of desolation. | | ARTURO RODRÍGUEZ

A total of 65 companies have already accepted the Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE) that the central government has made available to the productive fabric of La Palma affected by the consequences of the volcanic crisis that has hit the island since last September 19. This was announced yesterday by the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, during the validation debate at the Plenary of the Congress of the decree of extension of the ERTE and the aid of the self-employed until February 28, 2022, in which the specific ones for the Isla Bonita are also included. Díaz pointed out that at the moment these files affect 514 palm workers.

In this way, the rule that extends the ERTE, which has served to contain the labor debacle during the stoppage of activity due to the pandemic, also includes the measures that have been agreed by the Central government and social agents to help companies and workers affected by the eruption ofl volcano on the island of La Palma and in the whole of the Canary Islands. These specific ERTEs are also subject to the maximum deadline of February 28, but leaving the door open to extend these measures beyond that date.

Businesses without activity will have exemptions of 100% of social contributions

A) Yes, La Palma workers at ERTE They will have protection and companies will benefit from exemptions of up to 100% of social contributions in the case of seeing their activity totally impeded and of up to 90% in the event that their normal operation is limited due to the effects of the volcano. .

At the same time, an extraordinary four-month benefit is established for the self-employed on La Palma affected by the eruption.

Minister Yolanda Díaz has already guaranteed a few weeks the «maximum protection» of ERTE for those affected by the La Palma volcano, as well as the implementation of an employment plan for the island, which can be extended to the rest of the Archipelago.

The vice president then assured that they are working against the clock to be able to start it as soon as possible, since through it they will seek to compensate the social and economic gaps that already existed in the Archipelago with respect to other territories of the country and that both the pandemic and the volcanic crisis have done nothing but aggravate.

On the other hand, yesterday the minister also announced that in the coming weeks training actions will be convened aimed mainly at ERTE workers.

In this way, the decree that extends the Records of Temporary Employment Regulation emphasizes the training of the workers who are still in this instrument, some 230,000 throughout Spain, of which a third are working part-time.

Minister Yolanda Díaz prepares a special employment plan for the island and the rest of the Canary Islands

Specifically, as of November 1, a new ERTE scheme will come into force in which the largest exemptions will be linked to companies providing training to workers suspended from employment. Along with these training ERTEs, the disability ERTE modality will be maintained, linked to the limitation of activity in the event of possible restrictions.

Companies in an ERTE of impediment will have a 100% exemption of the business contribution accrued as of November 2021, during the closing period, and until February 28. In the case of new files, the exemptions will be greater if the companies impart training actions to the affected workers.


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