The special forces of the Carabineros will not return to the south of Chile, affirms its chief

The special forces of the Carabineros will not return to the south of Chile, affirms its chief

The recently assumed general director of Carabineros, Mario Rozas, ruled out today the return of the special forces of that institution to the southern Chilean region of La Araucanía, where a Mapuche comunero was killed by a shot by the police.

"I would like to clarify that the return of the Group of Special Operations (GOPE) to La Araucanía is ruled out, since as the same president of the Republic stated earlier this month, he will proceed to his retirement from that area," Rozas wrote in your official Twitter account.

In the area there was an elite group of those special forces that they called Comando Jungla, many of whom received training in Colombia and the United States and who according to official reports have already left the place.

The appointment of the new director of the uniformed police was announced on December 21 after the Office of the General Comptroller of the Republic formalized the departure of General Hermes Soto by a decree sent by the Executive, after the latter's refusal to leave office in the midst of a complex situation through which this institution passes.

After the death of the community member Camilo Catrillanca, on November 14, the Undersecretary of the Interior, Rodrigo Ubilla, announced a series of measures and changes in Carabineros, both in the Province of Arauco and in the Araucanía Region, and the departure of the GOPE of this last zone.

It also confirmed the acquisition of 400 surveillance cameras and the delivery of 60 new mobile phones for Carabineros and the Chilean Investigative Police (PDI).

The explicit images of new videos of the body of Catrillanca with a shot in the neck still on the tractor full of blood surrounded by members of the Special Forces caused an earthquake in the police, a difficult situation that generated that the Government took letters in the affair.

The police dome was decapitated after the departure of Soto and ten other generals that made up the High Command of Carabineros, and General Rozas has confirmed Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick, who is working fast in search of new names to replace the officers they left.


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