June 15, 2021

The Spar visiting a difficult City of the Adelantados in the regional derby – La Provincia

The Spar visiting a difficult City of the Adelantados in the regional derby - La Provincia

The Spar Gran Canaria directed by Nauzet Alvarado will be measured tomorrow at Ciudad de los Adelantados Tenerife in the regional derby that is very complicated for the Gran Canaria, due to the potential of its rival, who is in second place in the qualifying table.

Ciudad de los Adelantados, led by Claudio García, has stayed at the doors of the promotion for the last three seasons and this course is once again the favorite to return to the top category.

Meanwhile, the Spar Gran Canaria is placed in eighth position and has experienced an evident improvement in defense of a time to this part, although it will come to this game after losing in his feud with Movistar Estudiantes with the idea of ​​achieving a victory that reinforces their morale and his intention to be in the first positions.

The match, however, has a favorable prognosis for the women from Tenerife due to the higher budget and quality of the squad, although the players of Alvarado will surely leave all this in oblivion when the match begins against a rival who won three times – two in the regular season and one in the promotion phase – last season.

This match, corresponding to the eleventh league match, will be played tomorrow at the Juan Ríos Tejera Pavilion The lagoon from 8:00 pm, with arbitration of the members Iván Díaz and Yurena Hernández.

On the other hand, the remaining set of the province of Las Palmas in this Feminine League 2, the Magec Tías Against Gender Violence, will visit tomorrow from 6.30 pm (Canary) the Municipal Pavilion Malvarrosa to be measured at Picken La Cuina Claret Valencian, with arbitration by Alberto Perera and Javier Sáez.

The players from the Lanzarote squad that runs Aday Villalba, who have only managed to win three times in ten games, will try to break an opponent who has six wins and is located in a comfortable seventh place, right in the middle of the qualifying table , while Lanzarote are eleventh, with only three teams below.


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