February 26, 2021

The SPAR Gran Canaria pays dearly for a last quarter where it ran out of gasoline

Vasic, from SPAR Girona, throws a basket against the defense of James and Koné.

Vasic, from SPAR Girona, shoots for a basket against the defense of James and Koné.
Spar Girona

SPAR Gran Canaria fell to SPAR Girona (79-73) in a match corresponding to matchday 12 of the Endesa League, postponed due to Covid-19 cases. José Carlos Ramos’s team dominated on the scoreboard almost the entire match, but paid dearly for a bad last quarter.

With Vasic leading, SPAR Girona took four points ahead of José Carlos Ramos’s team (9-5). However, SPAR Gran Canaria found themselves increasingly comfortable in attack with an intractable María España adding 10 points (13-18). Taylor and Koné also became a real nuisance to the defense of SPAR Girona. The advantage was the maximum for the islanders and the score did not change in the remaining time: 17-24.

The beginning of the second quarter was marked by the little offensive success of both teams. Labuckiene scored the first basket in the opening seconds, Taylor responded, but Ferrari Calabro from outside the paint scored a triple to close the gap (22-26). Time continued to pass with SPAR Gran Canaria leading the score four points away. Elonu, taking advantage of a rebound from a Labuckiene launch, reduced the lead to two points (31-33). James returned to increase the rent for the Gran Canaria, but Eldebrink and Labuckiene scored to tie (35-35). James and Hermida, the latter with a triple, returned command to SPAR Gran Canaria (35-40). The home side called for a time-out with one minute to go, but the break was reached with a six-point lead for José Carlos Ramos’s team (38-44).

Koné and Taylor started the third quarter doing the same damage to the Girona defense as in the other two, giving a maximum income of 11 points (38-49). However, the minutes went by and SPAR Gran Canaria’s offensive flame was extinguished, accumulating losses and being several minutes without scoring. For their part, SPAR Girona improved and with four minutes left they equalized the score (49-49). James and Taylor once again put SPAR Gran Canaria ahead (49-53), but Pérez Araujo gave emotion with a triple that once again minimized the Gran Canaria advantage (51-53). Hermida made two free throws with just over a minute to go in the quarter and Vasic hit one of his two shots from the line. Maximum emotion for the last ten minutes (53-55).

Everything to decide

Equality marked the first bars of the last quarter, where the advantage of SPAR Gran Canaria was minimal (59-60). However, three points from Gray put SPAR Girona ahead on the scoreboard after trailing almost the entire match (63-60). The Gran Canaria tried to solve the situation, but the situation was beginning to be worrying. José Carlos Ramos called a time-out with his team five points behind the Girona team (67-62), but after the break Gray continued to extend the lead while SPAR Gran Canaria failed to score (71-62). The Gran Canaria closed the gap with six points in a row (71-68), but the local offensive success prevented the yellow team from succeeding in preventing defeat (79-73).


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