November 27, 2020

The SPAR Gran Canaria measures its level against the Rioja women of the Promete Logroño Campus

The SPAR Gran Canaria measures its level against the Rioja women of the Promete Logroño Campus

The SPAR Gran Canaria measures its level against the Rioja women of the Promete Logroño Campus

To recover from the blow suffered in Lugo last Saturday Tomorrow the SPAR Gran Canaria players will jump to the La Paterna court, who will face the sixth day of the Endesa Women’s League, playing against the Promete Logroño Campus, who is also struggling to move up the rankings.

The duel in the paint promises to be a level one, given the good performance that both Kai James and Sika Koné can offer, both blurred in the last league game, is opposed by the high level of the Senegalese Maimona Diarra, with 1.96 tall or the Montenegrin Bojana Kovacevic, with 1.92.

José Carlos Ramos tries to compensate for the defensive balance of his team, which has suffered significantly in this league start. The game will be played from 7:00 p.m., and again it will be behind closed doors, strictly following all anti-Covid-19 protocols in a small facility such as La Paterna.

With regard to the rival, Julián Martínez, coach of the Logroño team, will have all his troops and the contribution of the Senegalese center Maimona Diarra stands out, who was key in the victory of his team, Campus Promete Logroño, over Lointek Gernika (59-47).

Last Friday, October 16, the Palacio de los Deportes de La Rioja witnessed an exception to one of those statistical data that are not seen every day. Twenty four. That was the number of rebounds that Diarra (a native of Senegal and born in 1991) captured on the fifth day of LF Endesa. An astronomical figure that places the African pivot in the second position in the historical ranking of rebounds in a match in the top Spanish club competition. Only Natalia Urdiain surpasses him with the 25 rejections that she added more than 22 years ago in a match in the 1997-98 season with the CB Navarra shirt.

With the 17 defensive rebounds and 7 offensive rebounds that she achieved against Lointek Gernika, Diarra thus surpassed the 23 that Vanessa Gidden signed last season, at that time also a Campus Promete player.

Maimouna Diarra, with experience in the WNBA, the Euroleague Women and international with Senegal at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, faces her fifth season playing in Spain. In 2014-15 he made his debut at CB Arxil in LF2, a category in which he has also defended the interests of Ciudad de La Laguna (2018-29) and Snatt’s Femení Sant Adrià (2019-20). In the Women’s League, Endesa made her debut with Quesos El Pastor in the 2017-18 campaign, playing a total of nine games.

The Serbian forward Adrijana Knezevic, who wore the SPAR Gran Canaria jersey in the 2008-2009 season, is also on that team that will play in La Paterna. María Barneda, Laia Flores, Paula Estebas, Txell Alarcón, Itsaso Conde and Bojana Kovacevic are some of the most outstanding players in the Rioja team.


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