Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

The Spanish woman killed in the Paris explosion leaves three young children

The Spanish woman killed in the Paris explosion leaves three young children

The Spanish tourist died today in a gas explosion in Paris, Laura Sanz, was a 36-year-old girl who had gone to the French capital for the weekendand that, although she lived in Burguillos (Toledo), she worked as a cashier in a supermarket in the capital of Toledo, where she was "very dear" to clients for being "very kind and willing".

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This has been reported to Efe by a neighbor in the neighborhood of Santa Bárbara, where the supermarket "La Despensa" is located where the victim had been working for years and where there is also a kindergarten and primary school, 'City of Aachen', where They study their three children.

"It was very nice and attentive," said Efe, the neighbor, who has declared herself "shocked" by the news because "She was a girl who loved herself because of her affable nature and because I was always willing to help you. "

He has also pointed out that "the penalty is even greater thinking that leaves three children orphans", since, in addition to the supermarket, it coincided with her in the entrance or exit of the school to which her children also go.

The tragic news has caused consternation in the city of Toledo, whose mayor, Milagros Tolón, has affirmed in her personal Twitter account: "shocked by the terrible news we have received for the death of a Toledo in the explosion in the center of Paris I have been able to speak with her husband and transfer to her as mayor the condolences of the city of Toledo, my solidarity and support to her family and friends. "

The social network Twitter has also been chosen by the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, to lament this tragic news and express their personal condolences, "and also on behalf of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, their families , friends and relatives ".

For its part, the City Council of Burguillos has decreed tomorrow, Monday, official mourning day "as a gesture of solidarity and affection" of the municipality towards the family.

This has been declared to Efe by the mayor of Burguillos, José Castro, who said that the three flags, the Spanish, the Castilla-La Mancha and the town, are flying from today at half mast with a black crepe, "before a tragic event that has shocked the whole town, "where the parents of the deceased also live.

The municipal councilor has indicated that, for the time being, it is unknown when Laura Sanz's mortal remains will be repatriated given that, according to the Government Subdelegation, the investigation of the accident that is taking place in the Parisian capital could be delayed. more this process.

However, the sub-delegate of the Government in Toledo, Carlos Angel Devia, with whom the mayor has been in contact since the death of Laura, has told him that as soon as there is any news he will communicate it.

Tomorrow, the day of official mourning, a book of condolences will be placed at the Town Hall, so that the neighbors and friends of Laura's family express their feelings there, which will then be given to the husband and his three children, two children and a girl of 10, 5 and 3 years.

The mayor has reiterated the "feeling of deep sadness" that invades this Toledo municipality, of 3,200 inhabitants, due to the special circumstances of this death, since, "according to Laura's own father, it was a gift trip ( to Paris) with which his son-in-law had wanted to surprise his daughter, "he said.

This morning, the Parisian emergency services have located the corpse of another woman in the rubble of the bakery in which the explosion occurred, bringing the number of deaths to four



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