May 27, 2020

The Spanish waste almost 200 million eggs a year



The Spanish waste almost 200 million eggs a year, which is a waste of 22.6 million euros, according to the platform 'Too Good To Go'. The platform, on the occasion of World Egg Day, indicates that the main reason for this waste is the expiration of the preferred consumption date. These figures assume that each family would be throwing ten eggs in the trash per household per year.

The director of 'Too Good To Go', Oriol Reull, recalled that the preferred consumption date indicates that the product has lost some of its properties, but it can continue to be consumed since "it does not pose a health risk".

For all this, the platform has launched the #HuevoChallenge campaign, which consists of an egg test, introducing it in a container with cold water to know if its date has expired and if it is in conditions or not to be consumed. If the egg sinks to the bottom of the container, it means that it is "in perfect condition."

"Before throwing an egg that has gone out of date it would be convenient to do this simple test because we will probably avoid throwing eggs that are in good condition," Reull concluded.


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