The Spanish Verónica Casado, elected best family doctor in the world

The Spanish Verónica Casado, elected best family doctor in the world

The Spanish Verónica Casado has been chosen as the best family doctor in the world, an award to be collected next Saturday in Seoul, after having previously been distinguished with the European and Ibero-American specialty awards.

The World Organization of Family Physicians (WONCA, for its acronym in English) I have awarded the Doctor Five Stars award to this doctor who practices in Valladolid, where she will soon complete thirty years of profession and teaching.

This award recognizes a family doctor for his work, as a provider of assistance with a comprehensive vision but also for his way of making decisions and acting as a team.

This is the first time that she has been given to a Spanish family doctor and was previously received by a Ugandan doctor in 2016, an American doctor in 2013 and two from Trinidad and Tobago and Canada in 2010.

In statements to Efe, Veronica Casado said that the day to day of a family doctor "in Spain is difficult", since the crisis "has abused a lot" in funding to which is the basis of health.

"You have to be in love with what you do, that you like your work, that it is hard and that sometimes you get home quite broken, after hard health situations," explains Dr. Casado who works in the health center of Parquesol

This requires a lot of knowledge and skills but also large doses of "humanism, professionalism, ethics, good communication," he says.

In his opinion, health is like Catalan human castles, where the base, which has to be very powerful to support the rest of the building, is occupied by primary care, the family doctor.

And funding has gone down, and if primary care had 18 percent of the expense it only has 14, and if it should have half of the doctors in the system it stays at 30 percent, and "doctors are not hired" for substitutions with "oversaturated days" and "no loyalty", he laments.

She has 1,600 health cards, with 35 or 40 patients a day, which in times of epidemics, such as the annual and next flu, can become 50 or 60, "an outrage," he warns.

"It's as if you go to a repair shop and they tell you that in six minutes you have to look at the car" when that is not possible if the patient is diabetic, hypertensive and elderly.

It is defined as "a doctor of people", since it deals with the liver, the heart, the catarrh, but within "the whole person, including his family and his social context".

Casado dedicates the award to the "excellent family doctors" that exist in Spain, and to the teams with which he has worked, and despite having won "the world cup" of the profession, it will not happen, as one of his patients suggested. It should happen, that it be celebrated in the sources of the city and the country in a multitudinous way.


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