The Spanish Telefónica regrets that Peru does not renew two concessions

The Spanish Telefónica regrets that Peru does not renew two concessions

The Spanish telecommunications multinational Telefonica regretted today that the Government of Peru has decided not to renew for the fourth time two telephony concessions that the company had since 1994 and that expire in 2027.

The director of regulation of Telefonica del Peru, Mario Coronado, said in a statement that the company is "in disagreement" with the decision taken by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC).

"We disagree particularly with the methodology used, which does not consider our contribution to the development of telecommunications in the country and that is unprecedented at the international level," Coronado said.

The executive said that in the renewal process there would have been changes to the rules of the game that will affect the future processes of renewal of concession contracts in the industry.

"This pronouncement has implications beyond the renewal and Telefónica del Perú contracts, and the lack of predictability may affect the climate that seeks to attract investments to reduce the infrastructure gap," he said.

In that sense, the company anticipated that it will evaluate alternatives that will ensure the "predictability" of the concession renewal processes.

The two contracts were awarded to Telefónica in 1994 and the Government agreed to renew them gradually three times until November 2027, but denied a fourth extension requested since December 2013, despite the fact that 13 years and 5 months of the 20 years had been covered. possible renovations, according to the company.

The Government's decision was based on a report from the Supervisory Agency for Private Telecommunications Investment (Osiptel) that warned that the company had exceeded the limit of 80% of breaches of sectoral regulations and Peruvian laws in the evaluated period of 1 from January 2009 to June 27, 2014.

However, Telefonica said that the government's decision "does not affect the continuity of the telecommunications services it provides to its clients", since the company has in Peru up to seventeen concession contracts to provide different public telecommunications services.

"One of them is renovated until 2032 and allows us to provide fixed telephony services, so we can assure our millions of clients that the decision of the MTC will not have an impact on the daily use of their services," Coronado said.

For its part, the Association for the Promotion of National Infrastructure (AFIN) of Peru today expressed its deep concern about this case, considering that the Ministry and Osiptel have misinterpreted the legal framework on the renewal of concessions.

AFIN considered that the Ministry's decision is a negative signal for a good investment climate and affects the efforts of the operating companies to close the digital divide in the country.


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