July 2, 2020

The Spanish Stock Exchange rises 0.26% after opening and recovers 9,000 points

The Spanish Stock Exchange, which opened this Thursday flat, rises 0.26% minutes after the opening and recovers the 9,000 points, very pending the start of the new round of trade negotiations between the US. and China

Specifically, at 9.15, the main national indicator, the IBEX 35, traded at 9,015.30 points, after adding 23.30 points, that 0.26%. In the accumulated year, the index gains 5.57%.

In Europe, with the euro at $ 1.10, London has opened up 0.16%; and Paris, 0.35%; while Milan falls 0.03%, and Frankfurt 0.08%.

The Spanish Stock Exchange trades at the opening of today in positive in tune with Wall Street, which ended up yesterday, encouraged by the possibility that the United States and China finally reach a trade agreement.

Despite the tensions of the last days between the two countries, the US president, Donald Trump, said yesterday that there is a "very good chance" of reaching an agreement.

The new round of negotiations that begins today will take place days before the new tariff increase, scheduled for October 15, from 25 to 30% to Chinese imports worth $ 250,000 million.

Pending what the new negotiations may hold, the Tokyo Stock Exchange has ended this Thursday with different signs in its main indicators; Nikkei has risen 0.45%, while Topix has dropped 0.02%.

In addition to trade negotiations, the market will be awaiting the publication of the minutes of the last meeting of the European Central Bank (ECB) of the US CPI. September, and the updated OPEC calculation on the supply and demand of crude oil.

This will be the first OPEC report after the fall of production suffered by Saudi Arabia last month in an attack against its main refinery.

Just at the opening of this Thursday, the price of a barrel of Brent oil falls to 58.26 dollars.

Upon returning to the Spanish market, within IBEX 35, Santander rises 0.63%; BBVA, 0.62%; Telefónica, 0.22%; and Inditex, 0.18%, while Repsol yields 0.07%; and Iberdrola, 0.02%.

Indra soars at IBEX 35 4.17%, the most bullish value of the entire IBEX 35, while IAG gains 1.73%.

On the loss side, Cellnex stands out, which after the significant gains of the last days, falls 1.34% today.

Colonial Real Estate loses 0.61%; and Grifols, 0.55%.

In the continuous market, Duro Felguera rises 5.97%, while Deoleo leaves 4.18%.

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