March 9, 2021

The Spanish Stock Exchange falls 0.14% after opening, to 8,766 points

The main indicator of the Spanish Stock Exchange, the IBEX 35, it falls 0.14% minutes after the opening after the collapse of Wall Street and the main Asian exchanges, after the new commercial tensions between the US and China and that it tried to stop the fall of its currency.

Specifically, at 9.15 hours, the national selective leaves 12.70 points, that 0.14%, and is placed at 8,766, with annual earnings at 2.65%.

In Europe, the main markets have opened up, and Milan gains 0.30%; Frankfurt, 0.23%; and Paris, 0.08%; while London is unchecked and 0.29% falls.

This Tuesday's session will be marked again by trade tensions between the United States and China, after Wall Street registered falls of 2.90% yesterday the Dow Jones and 3.60% the Nasdaq, the largest of the year.

This situation is joined by accusations by the US Treasury to China of a "currency manipulator" country, which together with the threat of reprisals yesterday fueled the confrontation between the two powers, which was collected by the main world stock exchanges.

Specifically, the Japanese Nikkei index fell 0.65% in the session on Tuesday and the Chinese Hang Seng, 1.04%.

Throughout the day, several macroeconomic data will be known, such as the figures of commercial companies in June in Spain, industrial import prices for the same month in the eurozone, factory orders from Germany and the survey of job offers in the US.

The barrel of Brent crude oil – the benchmark in Europe – sells for $ 60.39, 0.58% more than at the end of the previous day, while the euro changes to $ 1,121.

In the debt market, the yield of the Spanish ten-year bond is placed in a minimum zone at 0.219%, with the risk premium at 74 basis points and the German bond also at minimum, at -0.524%.

Back in the Spanish marketSiemens Gamesa is the most bullish value of the selective and rises 2.55%, followed by Endesa and Iberdrola, which are 0.79% and 0.49% respectively, while Banco Sabadell is the company of IBEX 35 that lower, 1.33%.

The most capitalized companies are listed with slight increases, Santander recovers 0.08%; Repsol, 0.15%; and BBVA, 0.06%; while Inditex drops 0.11% and Telefónica, 0.08%.

In the continuous marketReno is the most bullish value of the entire Spanish stock market and 3.83% is recorded, while Pescanova leaves 5.85% and Montebalito, 4.89%. EFECOM

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