March 2, 2021

The Spanish Stock Exchange expands losses to 0.64%, and moves away from 9,900

The Spanish Stock Exchange expands the opening falls by leaving 0.64%, and moves away from 9,900 points, in a day in which it fails to stop the strong corrective suffered on the eve, when it abandoned highs for almost two years .

Specifically, at 9.15, the main indicator of the Spanish Stock Exchange, the IBEX 35, leaves 65.50 points, that 0.64%, to 9,868.90 points, with which the annual earnings are reduced to 3 , 31%.

In the week that ends today, the market leaves 0.91%.

In Europe, the main markets have also opened downwards pending the publication of several macroeconomic data that could reflect the effect that the expansion of the coronavirus is having on the economy.

Just before the opening it has been known that car sales have fallen sharply in China in the first two weeks of February, while in Japan, the PMI has suffered from the decline in tourism.

In Europe, the PMI and inflation figures will also be known today.

Until these data are known, European markets have started the last session of the week down, with the negative reference recorded on the eve of Wall Street, after Wednesday two of its main indexes, S&P 500 and Nasdaq , beat new records.

Frankfurt loses 0.57%; London, 0.56%; Paris, 0.73%; and Milan, 0.64%.

In Asia, Tokyo has left 0.39%, while in China, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has risen 0.25%, and that of Shenzhen, 0.93%.

The Chinese authorities have assured Friday that the general situation in relation to the outbreak of coronavirus “is improving” and that the epidemic is “under control”, with no new cases in 14 of the 34 provinces and autonomous regions of the country.

However, in the province of Hubei, the focus of the epidemic, and its capital, Wuhan, the daily cases of deaths are still “at a high level” that must be taken “seriously.”

Back to the Spanish market, within the great values ​​of the IBEX 35, only Iberdrola manages to quote positively, and leads the progress of the indicator by rising 0.41%.

Repsol, meanwhile, with Brent down, at $ 58.61, leaves 1.71%; Santander, 1.43%; Telefónica, 1.21%; BBVA, 0.94%; and Inditex, 0.22%.

ACS, on the other hand, is the most punished value of the IBEX 35 at 2.08%.

In the continuous market, Bodegas Riojanas stands out at 6.54%, while Vertice 360 ​​is the company that climbs the most in the market, 3.70%.

At the beginning of the day, gold marks new highs since the beginning of 2013, at $ 1,634.24 an ounce.

In the debt market, the yield of the ten-year national bond falls to 0.204%, with the risk premium at 67 basis points.


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