The Spanish Stock Exchange advances 0.38% and tries its assault at 10,000 points

The Spanish Stock Exchange expands the gains of the opening and in the first bars an increase of 0.38% is recorded and attempts its assault at 10,000 points, encouraged by the positive trend of China after those affected by the coronavirus have been reduced after discovering "duplicate statistics".

Specifically, after opening, the main indicator of the Spanish Stock Exchange, the IBEX 35, traded at 9,947.70 points, after adding 36.70 points, that 0.38%.

With this increase, the weekly balance is positive, up 1.38%.

And this despite the fact that on the previous day, the national market closed with losses of 0.31% after the number of people affected by the coronavirus in China increased after applying a new diagnostic method.

The expansion of the coronavirus served as an excuse for investors to collect benefits after the maximums reached in previous days.

In the case of Wall Street, after last Wednesday's records, the three main indicators ended yesterday in red.

In Asia, today the Nikkei of Tokyo has fallen by 0.59%, while the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the main stock market of the mainland of China, has risen 0.57%, and that of Shenzhen, the second largest China has revalued 0.49%.

The Chinese authorities have reduced the number of deaths from the coronavirus after discovering "duplicate statistics" in the province of Hubei, epicenter of the outbreak.

According to the data provided, deaths from the coronavirus throughout China increased in the last 24 hours by 121 people to 1,380 deaths.

On an economic and business level, Honda has been known to postpone the reopening of its factories in Wuhan.

In another order, the US government has accused Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei of stealing trade secrets and said the company maintains illegal business with North Korea and assists Iran in internal surveillance.

In Europe, relevant macroeconomic data such as German GDP has been known today, which grew 0.6% in 2019 and stagnated in the fourth quarter.

The euro remains down against the dollar, and today stands at 1,083, lows since April 2017.

Of the main markets of the Old Continent, Frankfurt rises 0.10% and Milan, 0.15%; while London is down 0.38% and Paris, 0.12%.

In Spain, the large values ​​of the IBEX 35 are quoted almost positively in general. Repsol rises 0.36%; Iberdrola, 0.33%; Telefónica, 0.32%; BBVA, 0.28%; and Santander, 0.08%, while Inditex leaves 0.29% after an investment bank has calculated the impact of the coronavirus on its sales.

Inditex and Grifols are the only two securities listed on the IBEX 35. Grifols leaves 0.55%.

Meliá Hoteles, on the other hand, is the most bullish value of the IBEX 35, rising 1.40%, followed by Cellnex, 1.30%.

In the continuous market, Deoleo stands out one more day by rising 6.28%, while Vertice 360 ​​stands as the most bearish value, with losses of 3.57%.

In the raw materials market, the price of a barrel of Brent oil, which yesterday closed at $ 56.34, rises today to $ 56.51.


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