The Spanish risk premium opens unchanged, at 122 basis points

The Spanish risk premium has begun the session at 122 basis points, unchanged from yesterday's close, after three days without moving from 119 points and despite the fall in yields on the Spanish and German bonds with which it is calculated .

The interest of the national ten-year bond fell to 1.478% from the previous 1.485%, as did the performance of the "bund", which fell to 0.259% after closing yesterday at 0.263%, according to market data collected by Efe.

Today's agenda highlights the new debt auction, this time of bonds and obligations, with which the Treasury is expected to raise up to 3,500 million euros after being awarded just over 4,000 million in short-term bills.

In Brussels, the vice president of the European Commission for the Euro, Valdis Dombrovskis, and the commissioners of Economy, Pierre Moscovici, and of Energy, Miguel Arias Cañete, present a proposal on strengthening the role of the euro as an international currency.

In London, the British Parliament continues debating the "Brexit" agreement, in which the ministers of the Government of Theresa May try to revert the vote contrary to the pact announced by the opposition and a group of conservative deputies.

As for the countries considered peripheral in the euro area, the Italian risk premium remained at 289 basis points, the same as that of Portugal, which continued at this time at 155 points, and that of Greece, which did not move from the 398 basic points reached yesterday.

The debt default insurance ("credit default swaps"), an amount that has to be paid to guarantee an investment of ten million dollars, continued to be quoted at 125,140 dollars, while those from Italy were at 275,210 dollars.


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