The Spanish risk premium opens stable and the bond rises to 1,647%

The Spanish risk premium opens stable and the bond rises to 1,647%

The Spanish risk premium has started the session unchanged, at 115 basis points, after the bond yield to ten has risen slightly from 1,643% to 1,647%, according to market data.

The profitability of the German "bund" – whose difference with Spanish determines the risk premium – has also risen to 0.495% from the previous 0.491%.

In today's agenda, the Minister of Economy and Business, Nadia Calviño, appears in the Senate's Economy and Business Commission to present the economic policy priorities after sending the 2019 budget project to the European Commission.

ECB Executive Committee member Peter Praet discusses in Madrid the challenges the institution faces in making economic policy decisions in an environment of uncertainty.

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, appears in Parliament before traveling to Brussels to present the leaders of the 27 European Union partners their position on the "Brexit" negotiations.

In the other peripheral countries, the risk premium of Italy has scored a point and reached 297 after the country yesterday urged Brussels to "a dialogue without prejudice" on the budgets for 2019.

Also in Portugal, the country risk has advanced one point and stood at 146, in a day in which the Portuguese Treasury holds a debt auction at three and eleven months.

In Greece, the risk premium has improved by six points and has been 380 whole.

The debt default insurance ("credit default swaps"), amount that must be paid to guarantee an investment of ten million dollars, have been maintained for Spain at $ 120,730 and for Italy, at $ 294,830.


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