The Spanish risk premium opens at 119 points for the third consecutive session

The risk premium of the Spanish debt has started today's session at 119 basis points for the third consecutive day, despite the rebound in the interest rate of the German 10-year bond, the benchmark in this market, up to 0.321% from the previous 0.313% .

The performance of the national ten-year bond -whose differential with the national one determines the country risk-, meanwhile, did not move from the 1.508% with which the last session closed.

On today's agenda, investors will be watching the price of oil, which has risen almost 6% today in the case of the Brent crude oil barrel, after Qatar announced that it will leave the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). in January.

In Brussels, the ministers of Economy and Finance of the countries of the euro zone (Eurogroup) will close an agreement to strengthen the Economic and Monetary Union, which must support European leaders in December, and address the Italian budget

In the rest of European countries considered peripheral, the risk premium in Italy has been written down nine basic points in the first hour and totals 290.

In Portugal, the country risk has started the day at 152 basis points, one more than on Friday, while Greece has remained at 395.

Spanish default credit insurance ("credit default swaps"), amount that must be paid to guarantee an investment of ten million dollars, have not moved from the 128,820 dollars, nor those of Italy, which traded at 280,400 Dollars.


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