The Spanish risk premium falls to 125 points after the fall of the bond

The Spanish risk premium falls to 125 points after the fall of the bond

The Spanish risk premium has started the session at 125 points, three less than at its last closing, after the performance of the Spanish 10-year bond with which it is calculated was reduced to 1.719% from the previous 1.735%.

The profitability of the German bond of the same term – whose differential with the national one determines the risk premium – remained, for its part, at 0.460%, according to market data collected by Efe.

On today's agenda, investors are waiting for the meeting convened by the president of the Supreme Court to review the judgment of last Friday in which the court stated that it was the bank and not the client who should pay the tax of legal acts documented in the signature of a mortgage.

In Luxembourg, the Community Statistical Office, Eurostat, publishes its second notification on the debt and deficit of the EU countries in 2017.

In the remaining peripheral countries within the euro zone, Italy's risk premium was reduced to 290 points from 302 on Friday, shortly before the country's government sent a letter to the European Commission to respond to the doubts about his Budgets for 2019 in which he will defend leaving the deficit at 2.4% of the gross domestic product (GDP).

The country risk of Portugal was reduced to 154 whole from the 156 of the previous day.

Greece's risk premium remained at 389 points, shortly before the country's statistics agency, Elstat, announced the final results of budget execution in 2017.

Regarding the amount of debt default insurance ("credit default swaps"), which must be paid to guarantee an investment of 10 million dollars, those of Spain became cheaper up to 129,640 dollars from the previous 130,560, while the of Italy continued trading at $ 314,180, unchanged since Friday.


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