The Spanish risk premium exceeds 150 basis points, maximums since 2017

The Spanish risk premium, which is the difference between the yield of the Spanish bond and the German bond for the same term, exceeds 150 basic points (153) on Wednesday, a level in which it has not been since April 2017.

And this after the yield on the Spanish 10-year bond has risen to 1.22%, maximums since January 2019, thus maintaining the upward trend that began a few weeks ago in the face of the strong spread of the coronavirus in Europe and fear of the economic consequences of the pandemic.

The German bond, known as the “bund”, and considered the safest in Europe, also rose this Wednesday to stand at -0.298%.

In the case of Italy, one of the countries in Europe most affected by the coronavirus, its risk premium reaches 295 basis points, after the yield on its 10-year bond has also risen today, in its case, up to 2,645%.

In the US, the performance of its benchmark bond, considered a safe haven for investors, also grows, up to 1.188%.


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