The Spanish risk premium drops to 124 basis points at the opening

The Spanish risk premium drops to 124 basis points at the opening

The Spanish debt risk premium has started today's session at 124 basis points, one less than the previous day, after the performance of the German ten-year bond has risen to 0.427% from the 0.409% previous .

According to the market data collected by Efe, the profitability of the domestic bond of the same term -whose differential with the "bund" determines the risk premium-, stood at 1,669% compared to 1,663% of the previous closing.

The Italian risk premium has dawned today at 313 points, five less than yesterday, after the Italian government reaffirmed this Tuesday in its position to defend its budget plan for 2019, which was rejected by the European Commission (EC) in a unprecedented decision that raised the risk premium up to 320 basis points, although it finally closed at 318.

In today's agenda, the Foundation of Studies of Applied Economics (Fedea) presents a report on the effects on the Social Security accounts of the repeal of the 2013 pension reform, after the Government has shown its intention to to revalue pensions according to inflation.

Likewise, listed companies begin to present their results for the third quarter, including Iberdrola, Ford or Deutsche Bank, while the US Federal Reserve (Fed) publishes its "beige book", a document in which it collects information on the Recent economic activity throughout the country.

As for the rest of the countries considered peripheral in the euro area, the risk premium of Portugal has lost one point and has remained at 159, like that of Greece, which has been 390 whole at this time.

The debt default insurance ("credit default swaps"), an amount that has to be paid to guarantee an investment of ten million dollars, has remained at 127,800 dollars for Spain and 302,920 dollars for Italy.


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