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Pedro Sánchez He has become the first Spanish president to publish a book during his tenure in the Government. 'Manual of resistance' is the title of the president's work, in which he recounts his experiences since his arrival at the General Secretariat of the PSOE in 2014.

With this publication Pedro Sánchez is the first president of the history of democracy who has published a book during his tenure. However, he has not been the only ruler to translate his experiences into a few pages, since many ex-heads of the Executive have written works in the first person after passing through La Moncloa.

Except Mariano Rajoand, the rest of presidents of the recent history have published a book after its passage by the government. Although it is true that the former president of the PP signed the work 'In confidence', a compilation of his memoirs and an analysis of the policy under his personal vision, the truth is that he did it three months before winning the general elections of 2011.

José María Aznar, on the other hand, is positioned as the former president with more published works. The first one was launched to the market only one month and a half after his presidency and the last, ' The future is today', was published last year.


Felipe González, The third president of Spanish democracy, accumulates six works in which he talks about the process of transition, socialism and changes in politics. His latest book was published in 2017 under the name 'Who commands here?', a work in which he analyzes the global crisis that democracy suffers throughout the world.

The former socialist president José Luis Rodríguez Shoemaker He published a book two years after leaving the presidency. His work 'The dilemma' narrates the moments lived during his stay at La Moncloa and for his presentation had the support of the British ex-minister Tony Blair.

An intellectual portrait is the name of the book that the former president published Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo in 2011, a story that focuses almost exclusively on the analysis of the Spanish transition.


By last, Adolfo Suárez, first president of Spanish democracy, he wrote his book 'Concord was possible' in 1996, 15 years after his resignation as president of the Government.


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