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The Spanish musical about Michael Jackson does not rule out making the jump to the USA.

El musical español sobre Michael Jackson no descarta dar el salto a EE.UU.

The creators of forever, the world's only musical about Michael Jackson endorsed by his family despite being a Spanish production, do not rule out the jump and present it in the United States. That dream was long ago by the head of its promoters, surprised by the international success of a show that since 2010 continues on the bill after touring Europe and Latin America, and has stoked the support of The Toya Jackson, sister of the star.

La Toya traveled to Barcelona months ago to see the show, which had previously witnessed other relatives of his as Joseph Jackson, the deceased father of Michael, and declared when the curtain fell: "I imagine this on Broadway", highlighted on Tuesday director, Jesús Sanz.

About 'Forever'

I imagine this on Broadway "

When presenting at a press conference in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria three functions of forever scheduled at the Alfredo Kraus auditorium on February 22 and 23, Sanz has admitted that, although at the moment there are no plans in this regard, he would like to present it in the United States.

"Hopefully, I hope," he said when asked about that possibility, although he has added: "We do not know where this is going to grow, what we know is that we have the feeling that it is moving forward." For that reason he has clarified that, although all the people involved in the assembly, almost fifty if you add to the two dozens of singers, dancers and acrobats who come on stage the other professionals who work in it, would like to take it to the country of his idol, that does not figure in his current plans.

Since, immersed in a chain of tours in which, in addition to much of the Spanish territory, have gone through countries such as France, Italy, Germany or Puerto Rico, repeating more than once in several places, for now "we are living the moment, "said the director. Jesús Sanz has insisted, in that line, in emphasizing the degree of satisfaction that the members of the forever with the recognition achieved so far, which exceeds any of the expectations that were when they devised.

Since then "we did not know what we were doing", by assuming the challenge, in principle of uncertain outcome, to build from Spain a musical dedicated to a world myth and also in English, has confessed. However, he pointed out that his doubts began to clear up since he was staged in 2010 for the first time at the Lope de Vega theater in Madrid.

Then, when the chords of classical numbers 1 of Michael Jackson sound, "I listened to the people and did not applaud, shouted", Sanz recalled, adding that this convinced him of the correctness of his bet.

We do not know where this is going to grow, what we know is that we have the feeling that it is moving forward "

Reinforced that conviction with the survival of a project that is on its way to the tenth anniversary of its premiere on March 10, the director wanted to emphasize that his, unlike many American musicals that are exported as franchises forcing exact copies, is a show "in constant evolution." Thus, throughout its history have been modifying some numbers or parts of them and adding or replacing artists.

The dancer Álex Blanco, who plays Michael Jackson in the 'show' now, but who, as he recalled while presenting him dressed and characterized to have the appearance of the singer, saw him for the first time as a spectator years ago, at a time when he did not suspect that he would end up being his protagonist.

The dancer Alex Blanco during the presentation of 'Forever'

The dancer Alex Blanco during the presentation of 'Forever'
(Angel Medina G. / EFE)

Both he and Jesús Sanz and Yure Molina, a dancer from Gran Canaria who has been working since the beginning and who wanted to accompany them when visiting his homeland, have coincided, in any case, in clarifying that "Forever" Álex Blanco does not It is the only one that recreates the star.

Because the musical "does not pay tribute in a classic way, it is not an imitator that is on stage two hours", but proposes to revive Michael Jackson emulating his figure and rhythms but in a different way, putting his songs in the mouth of different singers or even a whole gospel choir, he explained.

"It's as if Michael were divided into nine singers, twelve dancers, acrobats and others," continued Álex Blanco, who has opined that this is because the show, more than a tribute, is "a celebration of the footprint we He has left the King of Pop. "

The musical proposes to revive Michael Jackson emulating his figure and his rhythms but in a different way

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