Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

The Spanish, more concerned about the economy than the coronavirus

Nine out of ten fear being unemployed and that the crisis complicates their economic situation. Confidence in Spanish healthcare remains high

The concern of the Spanish for the effects that the current coronavirus crisis may have on the economy and on employment is even greater than they have at the possibility of being infected by the disease. This is one of the conclusions of the second wave of the Survey of the Foundation of the Savings Banks (Funcas) carried out by IMOP Insights between March 16 and 20, in full alarm. Specifically, the Spaniards valued at 9.1 points, on a scale of 0 to 10, their concern for the economy, compared to 8.9 that they give to the concern about becoming infected. The greatest concern is reflected in those over 35 and in women, with an average of 9.3, while that of men stands at 8.9. The percentage of unemployed who have declared that they were not unemployed before the outbreak of the crisis has been growing as the days passed under the state of alarm. On Monday, these new unemployed accounted for 21% of the total. By Friday, the percentage had risen to 50%. In the set of interviewees with employment, only a little more than a fifth (22%) affirm “to continue working normally in their usual workplace”. Almost a third (32%) have declared that they are teleworking.

On the other hand, confidence in Spanish healthcare is maintained. Four out of ten interviewees think that Spanish healthcare is “more prepared” than that of other neighboring countries (42%), and a similar figure responds that it is “equally prepared” (43%), although in the last days Last week, a decrease was observed in the proportion of respondents who consider it “more prepared” than others in their environment. Furthermore, 66% of those surveyed consider the sanitary measures adopted to be “adequate”. Only 2% think that they are excessive.

In turn, around six out of ten respondents (62%) define their general state of mind as “good” and even 12% are inclined to rate it as “very good”, so that three quarters of the population they feel “encouraged”. Only 13% rate their condition as “bad” or “very bad”. Lastly, more than nine out of ten interviewed students (92%) stated that they dedicate part of their daily time to studying or doing homework, although the vast majority have acknowledged spending less than three hours a day on it.


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