Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

The Spanish, less discriminated than British and American

The Spanish, less discriminated than British and American

Spain ranks 12th in the world for the least discrimination of women in its laws and social norms, behind other 11 countries in Western Europe, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

"Spain has a very good position in the world ranking," said Efe Manuel Escudero, the Spanish ambassador and president of the OECD Development Center that is responsible for the global report on social institutions and gender equality (SIGI) in which appears the so-called gender index, presented this Friday.

The level of global discrimination in Spain is 14%, higher than in Switzerland (8%), Denmark (10%), Sweden (11%), France (11%), Portugal (11%), Belgium (11%) ), Austria (12%), Slovenia (13%), Germany (13%), Italy (14%) and Estonia (14%).

With a "very low level of discrimination" are also Colombia in the 14th position (15%), the United Kingdom in the 24th (17%), the United States in the 26th (18%), the Dominican Republic in the 28th (18%) ) or Nicaragua in 30 (19%).

This indicator, which theoretically can vary between 0% (no discrimination) and 100%, and which in the 2019 edition of the report has been calculated for 120 countries around the world for which there is comparable data, is a weighted synthesis of more than about thirty variables that are grouped into four large fields.

They refer to discrimination within the family, to restrictions on physical integrity, to limitations on productive and financial resources, and to civil liberties.

Spain has a very good qualification in the restrictions to the civil liberties of the women, with only 6%, percentage that is only better in France (5%).

Also relatively favorable are the limitations on access to productive and financial resources (11%) and restrictions on physical integrity (12%), while the greatest weakness is discrimination within the family (28%). .


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