The Spanish Football Federation also proposes to bring to court the “illegal” sale of 10% of LaLiga to CVC

The Royal Spanish Football Federation has issued a statement on Tuesday in which it charges against the agreement to purchase 10% of LaLiga by the CVC fund before the assembly that must vote on the operation this Thursday. The body that directs national football has called this sale “illegal” and has accused the association of professional clubs of carrying it out with “the absence of the slightest publicity and attendance.” The Federation opens the door to go to court, as Real Madrid did.

LaLiga agrees to enter the CVC venture capital fund with 10% for 2,700 million

LaLiga agrees to enter the CVC venture capital fund with 10% for 2,700 million

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LaLiga announced last week an agreement with the CVC fund to inject 2,700 million to first and second division clubs. However, this operation has raised a battle in which Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​the two biggest teams in the country, have positioned themselves against it. This side is now joined by the RFEF, chaired by former soccer player Luis Rubiales.

In the statement published this Wednesday, the Federation charges against the agreement with regard to television rights, noting that “numerous litigation” will be generated for “forcing some legal institutions to the extreme.” “The agreement increases inequality and makes it impossible in a capital and definitive way a reasonable evolution of the format of the professional football competition in Spain”, defends the RFEF, a body that maintains a long dispute with LaLiga and clashes between its managers are recurrent . “Forget the clubs that play non-professional competitions that, at the time of their promotion to professional competition, will see that their income is reduced by CVC’s remuneration, without having obtained any benefit from the contribution of that entity”, emphasizes the note.

The RFEF considers that the agreement grants LaLiga “the false attribution of rights that it does not possess.” “We see little rigorous and very opportunistic, trying to cross the borders of the law to reach a terrible and regrettable economic agreement for the future of all Spanish football and, instead, fantastic for a fund and other possible beneficiaries,” he says .

“The RFEF must also warn that it is not going to allow the contribution to modest football that comes from these audiovisual rights to be reduced during those fifty years,” the statement continues. “If the LNFP now intends to bypass the controls and reduce the contributions required by law, the RFEF will be forced to take the appropriate legal actions to defend its rights and those of non-professional football. At this point, it should be remembered that the Higher Sports Council would find itself in the same situation as the RFEF “, he underlines.


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