December 5, 2020

The Spanish Fever revolutionizes leisure experiences

The Spanish "start-up", which has revolutionized the way people enjoy leisure in big cities, is a visibility and marketing platform. In five years, Fever, the leading company in the digitalization of the leisure experiences sector, has consolidated a unique business model, which has allowed for self-financed growth in New York, London and Madrid, cities where it reached the point of “break even” in 2017, with growth rates higher than one hundred percent.

Fever It is a “tart-up” designed and developed technologically in our country that, in a short time, just five years, has achieved lead the digitalization of the leisure experiences sector. Its founders are three young Spaniards, Nacho Bachelor, Alexandre Pérez and Fran hein. Two engineers (Nacho and Alexandre) and a graduate in "Business School" (Fran) with a brief but intense and brilliant professional career agreed to have within them something that drove them to do more than work under the protection of a large company.

“A few years ago we realized that, after rent or mortgage and transportation, the third largest consumer spending was leisure and entertainment, what is called "Experience Economy" and, however, there was no technological "player" as there was in the fields of music, audiovisual and mobility, "says Fran Hein, his" chief Marketing officer. ” Alexandre Pérez, co-founder in charge of strategy, indicates that when Netflix launches its first "original", “House of Cards”, “People spent on this platform 10 dollars on average per month and experiences around 250, which led us to conclude that there was a niche inspired by the company headed by Reed Hastings, where apart from generating content, it helps discover and know thanks to the algorithms the smallest detail about tastes, trends, desires, etc. ”.

It was time to act, and the marketplace of segmented experiences is launched in the main cities: Madrid, London, New York, Paris or Lisbon. Users access to discover and acquire plans in their city. These entrepreneurs take a second step which is the answer to a question that is asked aloud: "How do we become relevant?" And they decided, argues Nacho Bachiller, “promote the secret’ secret media network ’’, a hundred percent digital local media network whose objective is to generate content on social networks about leisure and entertainment in the city. Instead of paying entertainment guides and local media focused on entertainment to talk about us, we think we now know better than any traditional publication how people decide what to do. Then, Secret ’Secret London’ ’was born.” “Its impact is twice the largest leisure environment worldwide, since it has a reach of more than three million people per week. It is the result of combining human creativity and technological tools, ”says Hein.

However, these advances were not enough. Without innovating you cannot grow, so one day, after much thought, various brainstorming, meetings …, decide: "We want to have our own brand of experiences". And that's how Fever Originals was born, the third leg. "We went to promoters with great experience," says Alexandre Pérez, "to which we propose that they create or mount certain events based on the conclusions we have drawn from the analysis of our data. If you develop this idea with these ingredients, there are high chances of working. Even, we are going to risk some of the money it takes to get the project going. " The result could not be better. The “candlelights” (candlelight concerts); the "escape room" of "The House of Paper", a co-production of Fever and Atresmedia, or the immersive experiences of the movie "Total Challenge" and "Alice in Wonderland" have had an unusual reception .

The success of these initiatives and Fever as a whole has a secret: "The use of data that allows predicting the expected demand for each possible concept," says Bachiller. In five years, these bold entrepreneurs, surrounded by a highly qualified human group, they have consolidated a unique business model which has allowed maintaining self-financed growth in New York, London and Madrid, cities where it reached the point of “break even” in 2017, with annual growth of more than one hundred percent. Currently, it has more than 15 million weekly audience and is present in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Paris, Lisbon, London, Madrid, and Barcelona, ​​among others. Soon it will be in more.

Its investors are from Europe, America and Asia. He has promoted four rounds of financing in which he has raised about 70 million euros. In the last one the Japanese Rakuten joined. Another of the companies that participates in its shareholding is Atresmedia.

Apart from money, effort, work, time, mistakes, rectifications … this project "has cost a lot to get ahead", recognizes Nacho Bachiller. “Based on the fact that you have a product or service that people want and that is not forcing with shoehorn, talent is important, but also persistence. Do not give up".

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