The Spanish Enerside connects its fourth solar park this year and adds 27 MW delivered

I KNOWBarcelona Updated:06/04/2022 03:12h
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Enerside Energy, a Spanish company vertically integrated in the photovoltaic solar industry, will connect its fourth solar park so far this year, Mandinga, located in Chile and with 10.3 MW of installed power, next week. Thus, it is added to those already connected this year and which represent a total of 27 MW. The other three parks are one, also in Chile, and the other two in Brazil.

This company, which was born in 2007, expects to invoice some 40 million euros in 2022, and multiply its turnover in 2021 by nearly four times. In May alone, Enerside already invoiced practically the same in construction activity as everything else. invoiced in 2021 and amounted to 3 million euros.

This year, revenue generation will be led by third-party facility construction (EPC), according to the company. The 126 MW awarded as of December 31 last will contribute a very relevant part of the billing, almost ten times more than in 2021. Other revenues will be added to this, such as those derived from the generation activity as an independent energy producer, the sale of developments and new contracts awarded with third parties, up to the planned 40 million euros.

The company led by Joatham Grange (CEO), has 91 MW of photovoltaic solar power under construction of the total 156 MW that make up its portfolio after being awarded additional contracts for 30 MW this year. The company expects to begin construction of the new projects in the coming months.

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