The Spanish Emilio Morenatti, awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his photographs of the pandemic

An image of the photographer Emilio Morenatti.

An image of the photographer Emilio Morenatti.

Jerez photographer Emilio Morenatti was awarded this Friday with the pulitzer prize for the best photo report for his snapshots taken at the elderly in Spain during the pandemic of coronavirus.

Morenatti, a photographer for the US news agency Associated Press (AP), was awarded for a series of "moving" snapshots that "takes the public into the lives of the elderly in Spain" facing the epidemic, according to the awards jury.

The Spaniard thus surpassed New York Times photographer Tyler Hicks, and the Getty Images agency team, whom the Pulitzer organization named as finalists in this category.

During the issuance of the awards, which were announced electronically, a photograph was highlighted in which Morenatti captured the kiss in a residence of an elderly couple through a plastic curtain, also protected by masks and that intertwine arms covered with long gloves.

"We had to improvise how the story was covered under conditions that demanded solutions to problems that we still didn't fully understand."

It is not the first time that a An important institution recognizes the work of this 52-year-old photographer born in Zaragoza and who grew up in Cádiz, since in 2009 he received the FotoPres award for addressing gender-based violence in Pakistan, and in 2012 one of his snapshots received the third prize in the contemporary affairs category of the World Press Photo.

Recently, the AP agency highlighted Morenatti's work with a article in which the photographer himself spoke about the experience of the last year, in which he assured that, despite having been seriously injured during his career and having been kidnapped in a conflict zone, he never felt "as vulnerable" as he did during those "first weeks covering the pandemic in Spain." "We had to improvise how the story was covered under conditions that demanded solutions to problems that we still did not fully understand, something that I already experienced when I was working in conflict zones," he stressed.

New York Times wins Pulitzer for pandemic coverage

For its part, the newspaper The New York Times was awarded this Friday with el Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for his coverage of the covid-19 pandemic "which exposed racial and economic inequalities in USA and beyond".

For the jury of the awards, the newspaper, which closely followed the evolution of deaths and infections with a data system that was constantly updated, "filled an information gap and helped local governments, healthcare providers, businesses and individuals to be better prepared. "

Also, the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news, another of the most prominent awards, went to the local newspaper Star Tribune, Minneapolis (Minnesota), for coverage of the death of African-American citizen George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer, which sparked a wave of anti-racist protests and anti-police violence across the United States.

The co-chair of the awards Mindy Marquis highlighted in a brief presentation prior to the announcement of the awards the difficulties and the complexity of a year marked in the United States by the pandemic and the presidential elections.

"The nation's news organizations faced the complexity of simultaneously covering a global pandemic that showed racial differences and a bitterly contested presidential election, the magnitude of these stories and the pace at which they developed, pushed many into the business of information to the limit of its resistance ", assured during a telematic ceremony.


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