April 18, 2021

the Spanish Consulate in Kiev blocks the registration of children

the Spanish Consulate in Kiev blocks the registration of children

"My husband Fernando has spoken today with the Spanish consul in Kiev and has told him that the children will not be registered if we do not provide the registration of the child's affiliation that the Ukrainian Government does not give us. This document has never been requested, "denounces Ana Reyes Rodríguez, who writes He has been in Ukraine for two months, and more than a month and a half with her daughter, born surrogate pregnancy. "He has not given us alternatives. He tells us to ask for that resolution or the Ukrainian passport, which would take three or four months. " Reyes asks for help, because "we do not have money left to be here", especially considering that, if this is delayed, her husband will lose his job. They are not the only ones. "We will be between 50 and 60 Spanish families in this situation and that at least." All of them remain in limbo, many of them with their already born children.

"Carmen Calvo said she wanted to block surrogate pregnancy and he has done it. How can it be that they now demand a document that not only has they never asked for, but is not within their standards? On the Consulate's website that document does not ask for it, "he adds. "Ukraine is not a country that gives court rulings. We know that, so you can not request the resolution required by the Spanish regulations of 2010. What has been requested is for a judge in Spain to determine the filiation of parents who have been in the country for two months, when what should have Fact is to give a moratorium ", explains Marco Jornet, president of Son Nuestros Hijos. "The consul, who today is denying, is the same one who said he was going to register all the cases. The problem is that this denial is made to families who have been waiting for a resolution for more than two months. It is a lack of respect that leaves them in the lurch. If I thought to deny, I could have done it much earlier and not in this dark and surprising way, violating fundamental rights of minors, "he adds.

"In the resolution that we have been able to know – he continues -, the consulate argues that it has no means to verify the correctness of the process and, in particular, the existence of the paternal biological link. That is an absolute lie. There are approved laboratories where you can practice this DNA test with all the guarantees, as in fact it had been done right until this Government changed. This maneuver coincides with the statements of Carmen Calvo, who said that families who resort to surrogate pregnancy would not have it easy. Because she, at that time Minister of Equality, is not taking into account the rights of these minors. "

At the moment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs neither confirms nor denies.


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