May 30, 2020

The Spanish company waters social responsibility millions



The volume of investment in projects of social responsability It grows again in Spanish companies. In one year, it has gone from 846 million registered in 2017 to 1,246 million in 2018, that is, 47% more. This is one of the most striking conclusions of the VI edition of the SERES-Deloitte Report in which the impact of the social activity carried out by companies in Spain is analyzed. In total, 14,648 projects were carried out last year (62% more than in 2017) that benefited 55 million people, 33 million being direct beneficiaries. "The social dimension is growing and almost all companies have developed CSR strategies that are more complete and complex," said Marciala de la Cuadra, partner of Deloitte, during the presentation of the report.

The document also points to that 55% of companies make an average investment per project of up to 30,000 euros; 33% spend between 30,000 and 100,000 euros, 7% invest between 100,000 and 500,000 euros on average and 5% of companies exceed half a million euros. According to the typology of the companies, highlights the investment made by technology firms (29% of total investment in 2018) and the financial sector (26%). Also noteworthy are the telecommunications companies (9%), energy (5%), consumer goods (4%), public services (1.6%) and food and beverages (1.5%).

Regarding the areas of action of the projects, the companies have oriented them, mainly, to the welfare and social needs coverage (education, health, financing and strengthening of entities and development cooperation), reaching 5,727 initiatives in this area. Another of the most prominent areas is employment and labor integration, where 2,059 projects were executed.

From the SERES Foundation they are very satisfied because this number shows that the transformational movement which represent "generates value inside and outside the company," recalled its president, Francisco Román. This report, which includes the analysis of 76 companies, "is a clear example of the social contribution of companies and how tangibly sustainability, responsibility and commitment can be measured," he added. The 150 companies that are part of this foundation represent 35% of the national GDP and 70% of the Ibex. For its part, Fernando Ruiz, president of Deloitte, stressed the importance of the crucial stage in which we are immersed and in which the pace of the transformations “demands rapid reactions but also does not lose perspective. These types of reports allow us to know what our contributions to society translate and what should be the basis of our behavior ».

Active employees

One more year the high participation of workers in the development of CSR projects, reaching 219,080 employees, which represents 23% of its staff. In addition, one in four companies has more than 30% of its employees involved in CSR activities, especially the finance and telecommunications companies, with 76% of participants in volunteer programs. 83% of the companies analyzed offer internally corporate volunteer programs, with a total of 136,951 volunteer employees.

In global terms, 87% of companies involve their employees in CSR actions and 74% organize activities internationally. "50% of companies have implemented the four most important CSR practices internally and externally: ethical code, conciliation measures, communication of results and creation of products / services for groups," said De la Cuadra.

In the presentation of the report, both Deloitte and SERES highlighted that 86% of companies integrate people with disabilities in their workforce. The volume of people integrated in the workplace at the end of 2018 reached 150,782, of which just over a third (53,101) are integrated into the templates of the companies themselves.

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