The Spanish Church officially encourages Catholics to participate in the demonstration against abortion on 26J

The Spanish Church officially encourages Catholics to participate in the demonstration against abortion on 26J

“We encourage all Catholics to promote the defense of life, denouncing the legislative projects that attempt against it and confuse injustice with right. We thus encourage, with all the channels that a democratic society allows, to mobilize in favor of life and creatively search for new ways to establish this necessary culture of care that promotes and protects it”. Officially, the Spanish bishops take a position, and call on their faithful to participate in the demonstration against abortion called by ultra-Catholic groups next Sunday in Madrid.

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Among the conveners is Jaime Mayor Oreja's NEOS platform, sponsored by the Catholic Association of Propagandists, which together with Hazte Oír and Derecho a Vivir (organizations whose participation in Church events is banned due to their possible membership in the secret society El Yunque) want to take charge of filling the streets of the center of the capital this Sunday. A mobilization that has the explicit support of the Neocatechumenal Way and for which some dioceses, such as those of Valencia, Alcalá, Getafe or Jerez are chartering buses.

The note published this Wednesday by the Subcommission for the Family and the Defense of Life of the EEC It is entitled 'Yes to the family and yes to life', and in it the bishops take advantage of the celebration this week in Rome of the X World Meeting of Families to denounce that "a culture of death is being established" in Spain.

“We encourage everyone to promote the yes to life and we express our support for those who have the right to be born and to be welcomed by their parents with love; in favor of mothers, who have the right to receive the necessary social and state support to avoid becoming victims of abortion; in favor of the freedom of parents and the schools that collaborate with them to give their children a comprehensive education, which gives the necessary importance today to affective and sexual education, in accordance with moral convictions that truly prepare them for being parents and welcoming the gift of life; in favor of palliative care and freedom of conscience; denouncing the situations in which it is threatened, as it continues to be seen in various forms of slavery, in human trafficking or in abusive working conditions, ”emphasizes the letter.

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