February 26, 2021

The Spanish change the coast for the interior to buy their second home


The coast has been the traditional destination of the second home in Spain. However, just one year has been enough for the interest of the owners to transform. While in 2018 60% preferred the beach, this year 59% of future buyers of second house opt for the peninsular interior.

These data, published by the real estate portal Casaktua.com From 3,000 surveys, they reflect that only 41% of Spaniards opt for coastal locations. Among them, 26% bet on a property near the sea (compared to 43% last year) and 15% for urban coastal centers (17% in 2018).

Of those who choose the interior, 28% want to acquire a property in a rural zone (compared to 19% of the previous year) and 31% in city (21% in 2018).

According to the real estate portal, the stabilization of the sector and the improvement of the economy have led the bet for these properties to gain support. 65% of owners recognize that they use the second home during weekends or Vacation periods – Last year this percentage stood at 51%. The rest opt ​​for the long term rental (27%) or for the tourist lease (8%).

Although the number of second home owners remains (25%), the intention to buy a second home has been reduced by half. Thus, only 9% of Spaniards over 25 years of age plan to acquire a second property, nine points less than in 2018 (18%).

One of the main reasons for this trend change is the price increase. Therefore, Casaktua.com has launched two housing developments in coastal and inland areas to facilitate access to the purchase of a second residence.

The first one includes 1,500 flats and villas located in coastal provinces with a average mortgage price of 200 euros a month, an average cost of 60,000 euros and an average area of ​​84 square meters.

As for the interior promotion, the real estate portal offers 2,600 homes, with an average price of 89,700 euros, an average area of ​​128 square meters and three rooms on average.

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