The Spanish Association of Publishers of Periodic Publications celebrates its 20th anniversary

Twenty years after the birth of the Spanish Association of Publishers of Periodic Publications (AEEPP), the largest press association by number of associates currently active in Spain.

With some 160 publishing companies of around a thousand print headers, and many others digital, AEEPP is the only press association that is part of the large national business confederations (CEOE and Cepyme), and one of the most active in the international arena, in which she has been one of the founders of the European Innovation Media Publishers.

Among its associates are not only some of the most widespread and read media, but also many of the most innovative in the sector. AEEPP is also the most heterogeneous association and the one that best represents the press edition in Spain, as it has publishers of different periodicities, types of content and economic models.

Throughout the year 2020, AEEPP will develop its celebrations program, which incorporates a series of activities and events to commemorate this twentieth anniversary. A program that already started in June last year with an audience with HM Queen Mrs. Letizia, and that will culminate in a central act that will be reported shortly.

Mrs. Letizia during the audience celebration

Mrs. Letizia during the audience celebration

S.M. House the king

AEEPP held its General Constituent Assembly on January 20, 2000, at the Cuzco Hotel in Madrid, under the leadership of Miguel de Haro, founding editor of IPMark. This culminated in a process initiated several years ago by a small group of publishing businessmen who wanted to create an institution that would represent and watch over the interests of the periodic press sector.

In the Constituent Assembly, Miguel de Haro was elected president of the association, a position he held until 2004, when he was elected School Arsenio, which still holds the presidency after four consecutive electoral processes. After leaving the presidency, Miguel de Haro was named honorary president of AEEPP, a position he held until his death, in July 2018.


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