March 1, 2021

The Spain Building recovers the essence of the 50 in its reopening as a hotel

A few days after its opening, the hotel chain Riu completes the details of the reform of the Plaza España Building, in Madrid, closed to the public for 12 years and that now recovers the essence it had in the 50s, when it was erected as the first skyscraper of the capital.

In a nod to the interior design of that decade, in the lobby are accumulated structures, Greek-inspired murals, materials such as marble and copper and green colors that give a retro look that is seen in its 27 floors.

"From the first moment we were very clear about keeping the legacy that belongs to Madrid, Madrid and heritage", explained the hotel's general manager, Manel Jaile.

In this attempt to maintain the original uses, the chain wanted to enhance protected elements such as the bas-reliefs of the walls or a telephone booth, in addition to replicating elements such as lamps in footlights and the imitation of the furniture of the building that the Otamendi brothers inaugurated in the year 1953.

Among the oldest elements of the hotel (which occupies 24 of the 27 floors) stands out an elevator keypad that, to the surprise of the guests, does not have a button with the number 13.

And, although the keypad is only kept as a decorative element, the hotel has decided to dispense with the 13th floor and room number 13, as the famous Hotel Plaza did in the fifties, located in the same building.

The contemporary appears in materials such as vinyl carpets and walls, in the design of rooms and design lamps, such as the one that crowns the hall with 300 glass bay leaves, with the aim of giving "a touch of modernity ", according to Riu's communication manager, Laura Malone.

In the absence of "some administrative procedures", the general manager of the hotel expects to open it in the coming days, after works that began in October 2017 and were interrupted for a week by the complaints of the Baraka Group before the courts for risks to security, which both Riu and Madrid City Council denied.

Riu arrived in June of 2017 to an agreement to acquire the Spain Building from the Baraka group, which had bought it in turn from the Chinese company Delian Wanda, whose demolition and reconstruction plans were truncated by the Government of Manuela Carmena, which annulled the process initiated by the PP to lower its protection.

This hotel will be the first to open the hotel chain in Spain and the largest in the central area of ​​Madrid with 585 rooms for 1,000 to 1,100 guests and a magnitude of 65,000 square meters and a commercial area of ​​another 15,000, purchased by Corpfin.

The building will also be oriented to the celebration of business events and congresses, for which a conference room with a grand hall for 1,500 people and versatile use has been enabled, which can be divided into up to five different spaces through lateral deployments , where you can make screenings or conferences.

In total, 3,000 square meters for events, a 'sky bar' located on the roof of the building, on the 26th floor, where a sign that reads 'From Madrid to Heaven' anticipates the views offered by the capital.

Open to the public, this terrace has a glass walkway that surrounds the building for a panoramic tour, as well as a lower area for more nocturnal plans.

Under the watchful eye of Torre España, the Royal Palace, the Almudena and the Casa de Campo draw the outline of a city that has changed a lot since the 1950s.

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