The songs that sounded when your favorite series finished | TV

The songs that sounded when your favorite series finished | TV

When I finish LostMany were disappointed. Not only to see the end of an adventure that had accompanied them for years, but because that The End He had not fulfilled the expectations that had been raised, he had not given them everything they wanted. From that moment, one of the most important series in the history of television was judged by many only for its last minutes, regardless of the way. Because a few seconds can mark a series as much or more than all the hundreds of previous hours.

That is why each end must be calculated by the writers with great care. Each decision must be controlled. And one of the most important is undoubtedly music. The song they choose may give rise to endings surrounded by different polemics and theories. There are some that happened without us noticing and others that still speak today. But none is casual. We have gathered some of the most remembered. Of course, it is inevitable to drop some spoiler along the way.

The Sopranos - Do not Stop Believing (Journey)

David Chase will never explain the end of The Sopranos, and that part of his grace resides, but also the uneasiness of a type of spectator who wanted a closed ending for Tony. Do you live, do you die? What does each of the signs that send us mean? Are the people in the restaurant who we believe? We will never know it at all. The only thing that is palpable is that The Sopranos closed with the whole family gathered in a dinner, that sounded Do not Stop Believing of Journey and that, suddenly, everything stopped. It was cast in black. Some even thought that television had been broken.

Why did he do it that way? Chase says that he writes about the emotional, from the instinct, which sometimes has no explanation. That's what frustrated many of the viewers for years, with Tony's dreams, for example. But the series was never known to give them what they asked for, and so it was until the end. If you search the Internet, you will find essays of 20,000 words explaining the end, but for Chase that moment was not so important. He never thought he would give so many headaches. In fact, the unions did not let him do what he wanted, something much more extreme: remove all the titles of credit. Chase talks like Lynch or Buñuel when they ask him The Andalusian dog, assures that everything is artistic and that many things do not even have a logical explanation, no matter how much they deduce it from their images. Interestingly, the song, one of the most sung in the US karaoke, served to introduce a very different series less than two years later: the musical comedy institute Glee, who, of course, said goodbye with another musical sonata.

Glee - I Lived (the cast versioning to OneRepublic)

If The Sopranos said goodbye on high, Glee, which had been an audience success, went through the back door, with almost no audience, but with a continuum ending with what the Ryan Murphy series had done. They paid tribute to Corey Monteith, the young man who died during the filming of the series, and almost all the stars of the series (who had gone away) met to sing in playback the melody by OneRepublic, a song to life, to the joy and diversity that the series had taught.

House - Enjoy Yourself (Louis Prima)

House It has two endings actually. One is the usual of this type of procedural series in which a montage reviews the moment of closure of each of the characters, those who remained and those who left, and another, the final, was the most original. House, whose funeral had been celebrated minutes before, and Wilson, his particular Watson, ride a motorcycle and say goodbye to the world to spend with his friend the last days of his life. Despite the dubious fate, everything ends with an optimist Enjoy Yourself (It's Later than you Think), a vital and classic song from the forties versioned by the jazz singer Louis Prima. After the weeping, joy arrives. "Cancer is boring."

Two meters underground - Breath Me (Sia)

Magistral weeps the one in this HBO series about death, family and mental illness. After years telling us about the death of the clients that passed through his funeral home, the end of Two meters underground He showed us the last moments of each of the Fishers and company. That's how we knew what his life would be like in the coming decades, until 2085, in a matter of seconds. It is impossible not to sob with the melody while Claire moved away from her family in a car and the usual long road map.

The Wire - Way Down in the Hole (The Blind Boys of Alabama)

Another series of this first HBO batch was dismissed in a classic but very effective way. The Wire He said goodbye with McNulty looking fondly at the most important character in the series: the city of Baltimore. We were watching in a montage what was happening with the characters we had met during the five magnificent years of this modern American novel. It sounded, how could it be otherwise, Way Down in the Hole, which had been sung for the introductions of each season by different artists, but here again played the blind gospel group The Blind Boys of Alabama.

Breaking Bad - Baby Blue (Badfingers)

Yes The Wire satisfied the spectators in his final, he also did Breaking Bad. Vince Gilligan was clear that he did not want to become a Soprano and leave the door ajar. The only logical evolution of Walter White was to die. To tone it, he found Baby Blue from Badfingers that reminded us of the blue methamphetamine that Heisenberg sold so successfully. Surrounded by her she dies, taking inventory in the last moments and closing frames. Without ambiguity or controversy, very different from if it had finished only one episode before, where Walt left everything in the lurch. Gilligan decided very consciously to close its history, although it also gives the possibility of leaving a final not closed, and just as round, in that previous episode: Ozymandias.

how I Met Your Mother - Heaven (The Walkmen)

Some song becomes popular for the success of the end of a series, but in other cases it has the opposite effect. The ending is so unlike that the melody is blurred. That is the case of how I Met Your Mother, one of the conclusions that less liked and that was accompanied by a music that sang something like "always faithful". After multiple detours, the series explained that it had not been helpful to know the mother, but that Ted, the father, would return years later with Aunt Robin. He did not like it too much and many spectators felt used by the turns and deceptions, but the final conversation was already recorded from the beginning and could not satisfy those satisfied by the choice of the mother a season before. Now they had been scammed.

Mad Men - I'd Like to Buy the World to Coke (Coca-Cola Announcement)

We finish this selection of seven series with one of the finishes that go hand-in-hand. Publicist Don Draper ends Mad Men in a rehabilitation clinic for hippies to deal with his addiction to sex, alcohol, work ... He smiles and suddenly sounds something that marries his previous life and also with this New Age mentality of the new era: "I would like Buy a Coca-Cola to the world ", taken from one of the most famous ads of the brand. Did Don serve this retreat to create one of the most iconic ads in history? That's the last thing we see in the series. Optimistic, yes, but also with an ironic point, that nothing will change no matter how much they dress up as modern and complete. For the creator Matthew Weiner, who said that this is his favorite advertisement in history, was the way to explain the doubtful and very ill relationship with advertising and the capitalism of society, and how it appropriates the symbols to trade. And according to actor Jon Hamm, Don could not change, he will never find that light and harmony. But he knows what is good and that's why he laughs. There is no better creative than him. And, by the way, a free ad.

Other memorable finals in the list

The O.C. - Life is a Song (Patrick Park)

Dawson Grows - Say Goodnight (Beth Nielsen Chapman)

Sex in New York - You've got the Love (Candi Staton)

Freaks and Geeks - Ripple (Grateful Death)

Friends - Embryonic Journey (Jefferson Airplane) and Yellow Ledbetter (Pearl Jam)

One Tree Hill - One Tree Hill (U2)

Veronica Mars - It never rains in Southern California (Albert Hammond)

The Office - All the faces (Creed Barton)

Gossip Girl - You've got the Love (Florence and the Machine)

Parenthood - Forever young (Rhiannon Giddens and Iron & Wine)

Community - Ends of the Earth (Lord Huron)

Scandal - Future Sunny Days (written exclusively by Stevie Wonder)

Weeds - With arms outstreched (Rio Kiley)

Our friends in the north - Do not look back in anger (Oasis)

The girl on TV - It's a long way Tipperary (cast)


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