January 23, 2021

The solution that emerged from the crisis | Innovation

The solution that emerged from the crisis | Innovation

Crises destroy companies, but they are also fertile ground for the creation of others. This is the case of VERTA, born in 2012 as a result of the crisis and restructuring of the Spanish financial system.

At the beginning of this decade, the germ of what is now VERTA was a supplier of operating processes of Caixabank (then La Caixa) for the Canary Islands. But in 2012 the Catalan entity acquired Banca Cívica, the entity resulting from the merger of several savings banks, and decided to offer the purchase of one of its investees, specialized in outsourcing financial operations, to such efficient providers in one corner of the map.

Six years later, VERTA, that opportunity caught on the flight in the middle of a sector that seemed to collapse, is a company that invoices more than 1.2 million euros and employs about 30 people in its two locations (Santa Cruz de Tenerife and The Gran Canarian palms). Its CEO, Sonia Ferrera, proudly tells how the insularity understood as a handicap is just one of the barriers that have been knocked down. "We have never had prejudices, we consider ourselves to be a unique, radically different company: we have a staff with an average age of less than 30 years, a very high percentage of women and a strategic, organizational and operational consulting business from an area without just companies of this type. We can compete with multinationals because we offer a very innovative model of outsourcing services, "he explains.

Ferrera emphasizes his progressive diversification and sophistication: "We do not dedicate ourselves only to outsourcing of operations, we do more than chop data. Thanks to us, banking clients can feel much safer, "he says," and we are defining new lines of business linked to innovation and transformation of all types of organizations. "

We can compete with multinationals because we offer a very innovative service outsourcing model. "

Capture more business, after its success in the financial sector, is the goal of VERTA. "There is a lot of talk about startups and of fintech, but the financial sector should focus more on accredited consultants ", says this executive of 47 years. "The good thing about the crisis", defends Ferrera, "is that prejudices were eliminated: the most consolidated entities looked for alternatives and found solutions like VERTA"


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