The solidary detail of Los Lobos de Boom that has thrilled the spectators

The solidary detail of Los Lobos de Boom that has thrilled the spectators

If for some reason they have distinguished themselves over the last few years Los Lobos de Boom (those four contestants who have captivated the audience and managed to beat the world record for consecutive participation in a television program), it was because of their solidarity with various causes. A few weeks ago, we learned that the Alcoa factories in Avilés and Coruña were closing These four friends who already participated in other formats such as Saber y Ganar did not hesitate to wear a shirt against the closure of the factories. But it was not his only gesture. Not much less.

One of the members of the team that is no longer with them on Antena 3, José Pinto (the Salamanca farmer who died several weeks ago suddenly), I used to wear t-shirts over village parties, especially from Castile or Extremadura, during the broadcast of the program. And for that reason he became more than famous within the popular festivals to which he was invited after his exit from the Atresmedia format.

This time they wanted to be in solidarity with the fight against an illness. The four members of the team put on a T-shirt to support the association that fights Multiple Sclerosis.

#LosLobos, the contest team # A3Boom, showing their support for AJDEM, a huge gesture for which we give you all the thanks of the universe. #Esclerosismultiple

And neither They hesitated to record a message for the members of this group.

Despite having been attacked on many occasions in recent weeks (some viewers accuse the network of favoring Los Lobos because they have an audience to the detriment of other contestants who resort to the format in search of an opportunity), These four friends are still the audience number 1.

And is that Antena 3 has known, thanks in good measure to the character of these contestants, to win the battle Pasapalabra, the format of Mediaset that until weeks ago took all the cake of the audience but that now has been relegated to a second place. We will have to see the next few weeks but without a doubt Fran Pasapalabra's march has been a good incentive for Atresmedia.


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