February 26, 2021

The solidarity project ‘Sky Runners Kenya’ lands in Transgrancanaria

For the first time in the history of Transgrancanaria, Kenyan athletes will land on the Island to compete in the Marathon mode of the event scheduled for next Saturday, and test themselves with several of the best specialists in mountain races on the international scene.

The Sky Runners Kenya solidarity project, created and designed in Spain in order to generate new professional opportunities for runners in the African country, is directed by Victor Navarro, from the team of athletes representation Team Manager Pilar Díez, and coordinated by the coach physicist Octavio Pérez. This initiative has been overturned with the participation of four young Kenyans in the Transgrancanaria.

Sarah Jerop, Monica Cheruto, Hilary Chirchir and Ben Kimati Cematot are the four chosen to debut on the trail in Gran Canaria. They will face a very fast race, with a powerful negative slope starting from the Summit and ending on the coast. Without a doubt, a litmus test for these athletes who reside in Iten, the cradle of world athletics that is located at 2,400 meters of altitude.

The collaboration of Casa África, the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and Arista Eventos made possible the presence of these four athletes who are part of the Sky Runners Kenya project in the Transgrancanaria. A world premiere that will be another incentive for the event to be held next week in Gran Canaria.


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