April 14, 2021

The solar business in Spain resurfaces through self-consumption and new photovoltaics

Madrid, Aug. 6 (EFECOM) .- The business of solar panels in Spain resurfaces in the heat of the expansion of self-consumption and photovoltaic installations, with the incorporation of new actors at the national level and the launch by large line companies of business in the country.

The new impulse to photovoltaics and self-consumption in Spain revives the activity in the manufacturing and marketing sector of the plates and components associated with this industry, which in the not-distant past had flagship companies, such as Malaga's Isofotón.

The company, born in 1981 and specialized in the manufacture of solar utilization systems, ended up in bankruptcy proceedings and closed its doors after thirty years of activity and having reached export in the first decade of the 2000s 40% of Its production to Germany.

The competition of Chinese manufacturers, who exported their cheapest panels to the rest of the world, was key in the disappearance of Spanish manufacturers.

Atersa, installed in Almussafes (Valencia) and with more than 35 years of experience, was one of the survivors.

This subsidiary of the Elecnor group produces and distributes all the necessary components and equipment for the configuration of any solar electric system, both isolated and connected to the grid.

Company sources attribute its survival to the automation of production processes, which reduced costs, and to the reorganization of the personnel structure.

Another positive aspect was to focus on international projects with high technological content and added value.

Atersa, whose clients range from installers and distributors to engineering, also perceives the increase in self-consumption in Spain, which leads to an increase in the demand for photovoltaic products.

Therefore, it expects an increase in its online business volume in line with the expansion of the photovoltaic market in Spain.

In fact, its order book has grown by 35% compared to the end of 2018.

The new photovoltaic boom is also encouraging companies from other sectors to promote new business lines for the development of solutions based on the generation of solar energy, such as the Zaragoza harp, specialized in mobile field equipment.

Arpa has launched Arpa Change and has started with the implementation of a photovoltaic installation that uses a hybrid panel for the generation of energy and hot water that Ábora Solar has developed.

This company, based in the Zaragoza town of La Muela, began its journey in the summer of 2017 and emerged from the doctoral thesis of Alejandro del Amo, its CEO.

Ábora Solar manufactures a hybrid panel capable of generating electricity and hot water simultaneously.

Del Amo explained to Efe that all its suppliers are European, although photovoltaic cells are manufactured in China.

Big manufacturers like Huawei also look at Spain. The Chinese group announced in March the consolidation of its commercial structure in Spain for its solar energy investors division, Huawei FusionSolar.

This business unit provides solutions throughout the life cycle of the photovoltaic generation, as explained by Efe the commercial director of Huawei FusionSolar Spain, Alfonso Buesa.

According to Buesa, Spain is a priority market for Huawei FusionSolar, which has a commercial and presale team of 15 people, which support all local projects, supported by employees of the R&D centers and other operational areas of Huawei located in Europe and China.

In his opinion, the new regulation and the commitment of the European Union and the Government of Spain "has once again brought the illusion to the different actors in photovoltaic energy", with a large increase in applications for the creation of new photovoltaic plants and a high demand for self-consumption solutions for the residential market and all kinds of industries.

Huawei signed in 2018 a 168 megawatt (MW) contract with Grupotec engineering, which in July 2017 was awarded power in the renewable energy auction, and its forecast is that throughout 2019 new contracts will be closed that will suppose a higher volume at 3 gigawatts (GW).

LG Electronics, which has been manufacturing solar panels for thirty years, is another of the firms that has entered this year in the Spanish market with self-consumption solar panels for individuals and companies.

The general director of B2B of LG Electronics Spain, Francisco Ramírez, has explained to Efe that the legislative change of 2019 positively affects the installation of photovoltaic panels.

The company has now decided to launch into the Spanish market because, in its opinion, "it is the best moment and there will be no better one."

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