The solar boat of Cheops, the oldest of Ancient Egypt, arrives at the GEM

Cairo, Aug 7 (EFE) .- Egypt today completed the transfer of the first solar boat of Pharaoh Khufu, a relic of more than 4,600 years old, to the new Great Egyptian Museum (GEM), after the artifact was transported for 48 hours from the esplanade of the pyramids of Giza, just a few kilometers from the museum.

"The Great Egyptian Museum received the first boat from King Cheops, 48 ​​hours after the start of the transfer process," the Egyptian Council of Ministers said in a statement posted on Facebook.

According to the note, the move aims to preserve "the largest and oldest organic relic made of wood in the history of mankind."

Now the solar boat will be exhibited at the GEM, which is located in the shadow of the pyramids and is scheduled to open later this year.

Pharaoh Cheops, of Dynasty IV, reigned in Egypt between 2609 and 2584 BC and ordered the construction of the solar boat more than 4,600 years ago to make the journey to the afterlife when he died.

According to the GEM project supervisor, Atef Moftah, all protective measures were used during the transfer, as the relic was transported in one piece on a remote-controlled metal structure by a smart vehicle that was imported from Belgium with this purpose.

The boat was discovered in 1954 and its restoration lasted for two decades, while in 1985 another was discovered, but its extraction began in 2012.

In all, at least five boats were buried next to the famous tomb of Cheops, but the remains of at least two of them were looted.

In principle, the Great Egyptian Museum will open at the end of this year and will become the largest of archeology in the world, with an area of ​​480,000 square meters and with the exhibition of more than 100,000 relics.


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