Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

The Social Security gives to discharge to the distributors of Glovo in Barcelona by an inspection

La Seguridad Social da de alta a los repartidores de Glovo en Barcelona por una inspección

The Social Security began this Thursday to retroactively register the dealers of Glovo of Barcelona at the request of Work inspection. Some distributors – including those who have filed complaints with the company – received an SMS informing them that Glovoapp23 had registered them with Social Security. Those affected could be several hundred false self-employed.

Many of these workers also received an e-mail from Glovo, in which the company informed them that this discharge was "due to the inspection process that is being carried out by the Labor Inspectorate". In the same email the worker was informed that "we do not agree with said discharges, so we will challenge them".


The company does not recognize the registrations and will challenge them

Sources of the Catalan company founded by Óscar Pierre confirmed that these registrations were taking place in the Social Security and that it had not been at the request of Glovo. The same sources added that the company will appeal those discharges when they receive the relevant communication from the inspection.

Sources from the Col·lectiu Ronda law firm explained that some of their clients who have filed a complaint with Glovo because they considered themselves to be false self-employed workers had also received the SMS sent by the General Treasury of Social Security.

False self-employed

The decision follows the one taken in other cities such as València or Zaragoza

From the group of workers Riders X Rights explained that the Inspection is carrying out a process similar to the one carried out in València and Zaragoza, where it also considered the distributors of Glovo as false self-employed and forced the company to register them as employees. In both cases, the inspection report has been appealed by the company. Predictably, it is the same decision that Glovo will adopt with the Barcelona resolution.

Precisely this week the Spanish justice questioned for the first time the working model of the online platform of delivery at home Glovo with a sentence. A few weeks before, two other courts issued separate rulings in which they validated the company's work model.

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