The social network that will be the new alternative to Twitter

Telegram is the new alternative to Twitter

Behind the dismissal of the half of the template of Twitter, the new owner of the network, Elon Musk, has not left it there, but this Tuesday he notified his employees if they wanted to continue remaining in the business and create a different path, or if, on the contrary, they preferred to abandon the ship. Different from what was expected, thousands of workers have decided to take their things and leave, alluding to the fact that the change planned is not to your liking.

The abandonment of so many jobs has made the brand find itself in a critical situation that has led users to think of a alternative Twitter, being one of the most commented, Telegram. Likewise, it seems that other networks have opted to occupy that place and are preparing for the possible arrival of more people who decide to transfer their data to other platforms, for which reason they are considering facilitating the bonding Come in accounts.

Telegram is the best Twitter alternative?

Telegram is a social network of instant messaging who was born in 2013. Similar to WhatsApphas not been as popular and despite the fact that many people are raised its migration to her, the truth is that the style is not at all close to what Twitter offers you.

The business model of threading and public replies to short messages is what has made Twitter unique and well-liked, but if it ends up shutting down or changing this system, there's no telling exactly what the future will look like. reaction of its users. For this reason, apart from Telegram, some have opted for Discord, which is better known for being the network of gamers or fans of video games. However, it seems that the decision is in the hands of Actions to do the Magnate in the coming weeks, which will take the step of leaving or staying with the new version that it proposes.

The social network that will be the new alternative to Twitter 2
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